What We Offer

KeVer Consulting Group specializes in regulatory compliance tools and solutions for firms operating in highly regulated environments. We focus on the three components of compliance that are consistent across all environments and compliance disciplines – Prevention, Detection and Correction – to offer practical compliance solutions that maximize cost savings, efficiencies, and compliance resources. We’ve added new elements to a tried and true compliance technique that CCOs may use to assess their compliance systems.

The KeVer Online Review System (KORS), our signature product, is a comprehensive collection of checklists designed to help Chief Compliance Officers fulfill the firm’s regulatory compliance responsibilities and obligations with little effort. We take adopted laws, rules and regulations, flesh out the requirements and create checklists to help CCO fulfill a variety of compliance obligations. KORS Checklists also give CCOs the capability to leverage limited resources by selecting checklists appropriate to the business area or subject matter to be examined, then designate persons outside of compliance to conduct the examination.

KORS Checklists offer a multi-faceted compliance solution capable of giving CCOs the “reasonable belief” that the firm’s compliance systems are working as intended. Each checklist may be used separately or together with other checklists in our product line to create a book of checklists particular to the firm’s business structure. The value of the KeVer On-Line Review System lies in the number of ways it may be used:

  • as an examination tool — to review and assess the practical application of a given rule; to target compliance for a specific business activities or programs; to detect and correct securities law violations; and, to determine whether supervisory responsibilities and obligations are being fulfilled.
  • as documentary evidence — to evidence completion or fulfillment of a regulatory requirement or the compliance obligation to continually monitor the effectiveness of policies and procedures, implementation methods and compliance systems.
  • as a general aide — to regularly perform general health checks and routine internal reviews; a proactive measure necessary for early detection and correction of system weaknesses, reduce risks and to prevent violations.
  • as a training aide — to facilitate periodic or annual compliance training to make sure firm policies and procedures are understood; to shore up weaknesses in processes and procedures; and, document the areas trained.
  • as a reporting aide — to use as the basis for generating compliance reports to senior management and the firm’s board of directors.

KORS Checklist offers CCOs a means to seamlessly integrate newly adopted requirements into their compliance systems, determine the extent to which the compliance system are achieving their objectives, and mitigate compliance failures that can damage the firm and harm its clients.