About KeVer Consulting

KeVer Consulting Group, LLC is an Internet-based, regulatory compliance services firm dedicated to helping Chief Compliance Officers with the proactive aspect of compliance management. Through the KeVer Online Review System (KORS), our goal is to help Chief Compliance Officers reduce the overall compliance burden by providing tools with the capability to improve efficiency in compliance administration and management.

Our product development process is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the elements that result in a compliant system. Doris Keeton, President and Managing Compliance Officer, brings 19 years of diverse regulatory compliance experience to the Group. Prior to that, she served more than 21 years in the United States Air Force where she gained immeasurable operational experience, and twice functioned as the Chief, Operations Training, responsible for developing training plans for critical and non-critical operations systems.

Her entry into securities regulatory compliance began in the compliance department of a dually-registered entity and, culminated in 19 years experience in investment adviser, broker-dealer, banking, and insurance compliance, and compliance consulting.

Doris’ military experience, combined with regulatory compliance and consulting experience in the civilian sector, places her in a unique position of understanding regulatory requirements and obligations, the importance of training and reporting, and the risk associated with a non-compliant system. This knowledge and understanding is behind every product we create.

Our Mission

We are focused on making compliance simple, efficient, and easy to manage by creating tools and solutions that help save time, reduce the administrative burden of compliance, and help CCOs focus their efforts and resources on prevention, detection and correction, the three most critical components of compliance.